Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Barbecued Tempeh

Stuffed Sweet Potato with Barbecued Tempeh

This is my favorite way to stuff a sweet potato. It’s wholesome, tasty and get’s me through the workday. When I made this dish I think I ate stuffed sweet potatoes everyday for lunch that entire week. Everything runs much smoother when I have a healthy, hearty lunch packed. Emails get answered, deadlines are met, ideas start flowing – I get things done with a smile on my face and everyone is happy! This is the ultimate keep-you-full combo – you’ve got the sweet potato and the beans and oh golly the tempeh, smothered and covered in barbecue sauce – it has that whole smokey, sweet, savory thing going on. Top it off with greek yogurt and green onion and dang, you might just get that raise. I sprinkled hemp seeds on top of mine and if you have them on hand, you should totally do the same.

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Barbecued Tempeh

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Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Barbecued Tempeh

Stuffed Sweet Potato with Barbecued Tempeh
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Ingredients for Assembly 

2 large sweet potatoes

1 block of tempeh

1 can of black beans

1/2 cup greek yogurt

green onions for topping


Ingredients for the Tempeh Marinade 

1/3 cup of your favorite barbecue sauce (I used a kind called Carolina Gold – it’s on the sweeter side)

1/2 tablespoon of garlic powder

2 pinches pepper flakes

2 pinches chipotle powder (optional)

2 dashes high heat oil for pan frying (I used rice bran oil)



While the potatoes are baking, marinade the tempeh in sauce and spices. I crumble it up into small chunks so it can soak up the good stuff. After it has been marinading for about 20 minutes you toss it in a pan with some of your favorite high heat oil and cook until light brown and a little crispy. Toss the black beans into the pan as well, mix it all up and remove from heat. Slice the baked sweet potatoes in half and stuff with the remaining ingredients.


Photography by Paige Alisa 

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  2. Irina @ wandercrush

    How’ve I just now found your blog? It seems right up my alley and I’m excited to have found it! This sounds like the perfect thing for satisfying my all-too-often sweet potato and Mexican flavour cravings.

  3. Amanda Richelle

    SO excited to have come across your blog!! Made this recipe last night, and it was DELICIOUS. My bf isn’t a vegetarian but when I’m cooking he rarely has any other choice. He LOVES this recipe, and wants it on the menu twice a week. Very filling, satisfying, and simple. Thanks!

    • Grace @ Earthy Feast

      Thanks so much for your comment Amanda! Made my day! I’m so happy your bf loves this dish! My husband has been a vegetarian for 20+ years and he would choose these ‘meatier’ dishes over a salad any day. Take care!


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