Spitzbuben {Jam Sandwich Cookies}

Spitzbuben {Jam Sandwich Cookies}

Spitzbuben! Literally translated it means: bratty little boys. But the cookie definition goes something like this: best ever cookie you will put in your mouth this holiday season. Guys I’m serious. I’ve never claimed any one of my recipes to be the “best ever”. For years I’ve been saving up to say that now specifically for this post. That’s how seriously the best these cookies are. Never mind the fact that my mom has made them every year as long as I can remember and her mom before that and her grandmother before that. It’s the one holiday tradition that stays constant – we may not always have a tree or exchange gifts or prepare the same menu but we always make these cookies. I lost track on how many batches my mom and I made on this day, we were rolling dough, cutting out, baking, jam sandwiching all day like little elves in a workshop and yet, the quantity never meets the demand. My in-laws are now obsessed and start asking about them around Thanksgiving. We even send some to our relatives in Germany, which seems a bit ironic but they are the best!

Spitzbuben {Jam Sandwich Cookies}

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Spitzbuben {Jam Sandwich Cookies} Spitzbuben {Jam Sandwich Cookies} Spitzbuben {Jam Sandwich Cookies} Spitzbuben {Jam Sandwich Cookies} Spitzbuben {Jam Sandwich Cookies} Spitzbuben {Jam Sandwich Cookies}


Ingredients for the Spitzbuben 

250 grams butter

125 grams hazelnuts or almonds, ground

375 grams flour

180 grams sugar

1 pack vanilla sugar

your favorite tart jam – raspberry, blackberry and currant are all good

+ additional sugar for dusting with another pack of vanilla sugar mixed in



Grind up the nuts in your food processor. Add all the ingredients – except the jam into your kitchen aid – butter should be cold. Mix the dough until it starts sticking together and you can easily form it into a ball with your hands. Roll out dough on floured surface. Not too thin but not too thick, as shown. Cut out the cookies and place on seasoned cookie sheet. Bake in preheated oven at 375F for 15 minutes until just very light brown around the edges. Let cool only slightly and gently (they are super fragile here) flip them one by one into the sugar and spread on a bit of jam. The heat from the cookie cooks the jam slightly and sets the sandwich so work quickly and carefully!



These cookies keep really well and are perfect for gifting. We usually make them around Thanksgiving and keep them in a tin or air-tight container until Christmas!


13 Responses to “Spitzbuben {Jam Sandwich Cookies}”

  1. Em @ the pig & quill

    Um, I can maybe actually do this. AND I have about a bucket of jams from family members that get their preserve on, and one can really only eat so much toast and greek yogurt. Bratty little boys for all the mouths!!! Errrrrrrrr…. (please don’t ban me from your blog…)

    • Grace @ Earthy Feast

      Yaaya Emily! These cookies totally turn me into a bratty little boy: run around with cookies stuffed in my pockets, sandy sugar on my face, sticky jam on my fingers, peeking into presents! So fun!

  2. Iris Rankin

    My family is Swiss and we always make Spitzbuben (along with tons of other traditional cookies) for Christmas! They’re one of my favorites.

  3. kellymitchem

    I have always wanted to make these, but more than that these photos are fabulous!

  4. Katie @ Whole Nourishment

    Oh man, these looks good. I love thumbprint cookies so I know I would love these. Hazelnut flour is very popular in baked goods here in Switzerland so I’ve learned to love it too. And these cookies are in fact very similar to ones I see here a lot. I hope you enjoy the holiday season, Grace.


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