Busy Bowls – 3 Ways

Busy Bowls - 3 Ways

Ugh. Weeknight cooking is a challenge for me to say the least. After a full day at work, a 45 minute commute (sometimes longer depending on traffic), I come home to crazy pup pumped full of energy and ready to go to the park. We work out the stress of the day with an hour… Read more »

Cruciferous Confetti Slaw with Sunflower Seeds & Feta Dressing

Winter Slaw with Sunflower Seeds & Feta Dressing

I’m sending winter on it’s way with this fresh crunchy slaw. A cruciferous confetti party to celebrate the beginning of a new season. I got the idea for this salad from my neighborhood grocery store. They were giving out samples from a mixed bag of winter greens and topping it with a greek style feta… Read more »